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PCB build


i have received my pcb. thanks heaps.

just a quick not that this board seems to be a slightly different layout and doesnt require the jumpers mentioned in the post. except for maybe the resistor jumpers if you run fets.

Also i couldnt find R8 on the parts list. i had to check the schematic. its the same as r7 , 10k ohm according to the schematic.

anyway i hope that helps someone.

i still have a few bits to add being i was short in my parts box. but a couple if regulators and some fets and i should be done.


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also found that the pgc and pgd pins are swapped for what a pickit2 would expect. i just cut the pins and swapped with some jumpers.


Re: PCB build

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Thanks for the details. I've gotten a couple e-mails about how to assemble this board, I've been referring everyone here.
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Re: PCB build

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Hi, i just finished assembling the PCB.  I switched the PGC and PGD lines like Scorpia, and had to solder in the 1K base resistors as I only had NPN BJT Power Transistors in my junk box.  Also inserted a DC Jack to allow almost any DC Wall Part power supply easily to power the circuit.

The direct USB color changing and fading without USB connection work fine, but I want to expand the firmware a little and write a custom color mixer GUI in PROCESSING.  However in the Download I could only find the compiled .hex file and no Source Code. Is it still available for download?

Re: PCB build

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Thanks for the pictures, nice build. I'll take a look at the source archive and see what's going on. I think it was one that included Microchip code that was non-distributable, so I stripped the USB sections, but the color fading part should be intact.

[s:]It should accept color info over the virtual serial port as is[/s:], but that doesn't help with your expansions. I'll see what I can dig up. Edit: I see you said that already. Sorry about that.
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