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Milling data in Gerber

For the past few years (I'm unfortunately not the kind of people releasing a project a week, or even a month), I've been working on some small boards that are supposed to work as a group (one per actuator in a large and complex robot). So I'm planning to do some panelization to reduce PCB fab costs, and to speed up assembly.

I don't have board cutting equipment (and I'd like to avoid cutting after assembly since the boards are densely populated), so I'd like to pre-cut the boards in the panel, with breakable tabs. I know Seeed and others accept milling data, but I can't find much information about how to design these Gerber files for the milling.

So can anyone explain in detail what sort of data should be in the milling files? Are the dark area of the milling file assumed to be removed with the CAM dealing with the details, or are the apertures and traces in the Gerber data directly translated to CAM directives?

Ideally I'd like information independent of the CAD tool, since I'm panelizing the Gerber files of single boards myself with custom scripts (that I'll release once I'm done with the milling aspects).

Alternatively if you have an example involving milling slots, with the Gerber files and pictures of the resulting boards, that should be enough to get me started.