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New Cases. What kind of interest is there?

I have done a few test pus pirate cases for V2 and V3, the V2go will be done soon.

I know that 'riley' has done some for the V3 and the V2 is on thing universe (where I got my current V2 design from) but I have not seen any available for the V3go and I am under the impression that any cases for them can be hard to come by (apart from the modified boxes that seeedstudio have).

Anyway, I am going to get the V3 case sorted (slightly wrong currently) and the V2 & V2go perfected soon as well.

I can guarantee a price of less than £12 including international shipping for any of the cases (I am in the UK, about 17USD currently).

What interest is there in these?

I can do as many as necessary basically.
They will be going up in my shop soon: (down currently for changes).

Here is the link to my blog page:
If you have any specific comments or suggestions then you can post here or there. I will check both.