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Electronics market in Shanghai and Beijing

Hi people, I'm in Shanghai at the moment. Can anybody recommend a good place for buying electronic parts and tools?

Re: Electronics market in Shanghai and Beijing

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The main parts market is in Beijing Lu (street) but there are heaps of other more general electroncs or hardware etc markets. Have a look at the map done by a Xinchejian Shanghai hackerspace member http://

Hands down Beijing lu corner of Hailun lu everyday and Sunday or beijing lu fujian dong lu Monday to Saturday.

These places are the bread and butter of most projects getting started. You'll pay a premium for small quantities
Note premium = compared to ultra-cheap Taobao.
Also you have to work hard with some vendors - without a 'person known to them' to introduce you, some vendors will just ignore you - even ignore Chinese people - this is one effect of Chinese approach to networking.

If you are still there in June, they are doing a tour - see http://, but if you make contact via the mailing list or drop in, you might find someone to give you a personal tour.

I highly recommend dropping in, or going to Wednesday open night.


Electronics market in Shanghai and Beijing

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Wow! thanks a lot for the info.
Still have a couple of spare days here in Shanghai, will try to take a visit tomorrow.
BTW, this city is really amazing.