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Mini wave solder machines, what's out there?

Purchasing the pick and place from the group buy has me needing one more equipment to complete the assembly. A wave solder machine for the through hole parts. Hand soldering is always an option but it can slow you down and eat up the time you saved using the PnP machine. Designing out the TH parts is out of the question.

This is a bit more complicated that I thought it would be because of power, space and fume extraction issues. I prefer to have a selective soldering instead of a regular wave solder machine so I don't need to mask when required but those are way out of my budget. Ive seen some fountain type machines that maybe I can build a motorized XY carriage to move the board around (probably not a good/feasible idea).

So what are you guys using to solder your TH parts quickly?

Here are some of what I've found. Mostly 220V.

Mini Selective wave solder, no guides/rails/motors. Could have been perfect.

Desktop Wave solder. Might be a good candidate.

Dip Solder, looks interesting $7K yikes!


Re: Mini wave solder machines, what's out there?

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We are using an old Electrovert machine - but its a relatively big brute - about 46 inches long.  It needs 208 Vac 30A 3-phase power and a good exhaust system.  The pot holds 300 pounds of solder and the largest PCB it will handle is 12" (its called a 12 inch machine).

We purchased it used (we were the 2nd owner) 20 or so years ago and its still going strong.  I have to disassemble the solder pump every 6 or 7 years to clean out the accumulated dross but that's a fairly straight-ahead job.

We run anywhere from 400 to 1000 boards through per month.

We paid something like $7,000 for it (20 plus years ago) but its paid for itself many, many times over.


Re: Mini wave solder machines, what's out there?

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@Roy, can you share any costs/pricing for Selective wave solder and Desktop Wave?

Re: Mini wave solder machines, what's out there?

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When I saw your post, it remembered me that I had seen a desktop solder wave machine in one of my catalogues. And I sure had, it was the SPL600240 made by L&M. You can find it here: http:// I have no experience with them, but the price seems quite reasonable.

Re: Mini wave solder machines, what's out there?

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@tonyD The selective solder is in the high $3k range. I have not received the quote for the other wave solder machine yet.