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Corflute Project Enclosure

So I wanted to put one of my handy dandy LM2577 DC-DC SEPIC's in a box with some binding posts.  Being of an incredibly cheap-ass nature genetically there is no way I'm shelling out for an actual project box if I can avoid it!

So, I present, Corflute as a simple DIY project enclosure material, all you need is hotglue, and a knife :-)




Corflute is the (genericised brand name) fluted plastic board which real-estate and event type signs are made from.  Indeed, I made my simple square enclosure out of old signs which I got for free, real estate companies usually give away their old signs, or just grab an event sign which has been left around after the date.  Even if you can't find some old signs, this stuff is ridiculously cheap to buy.

I used 5mm variety, the really nice thing is that it's 5mm square, that is, each flute is 5mm on each side.  This makes it very easy to cut to just the size you want, and makes the corners bend really nicely, just cut out the 5mm slice from one side of a flute, then bend, you get a nice curved corner.

At the join edge I left a 5mm flap to cover the end, then just hotglued togethor.  For the caps on each end of the cube I cut a square of corflute to fit exactly inside the box, with a flap 5mm larger in each direction.  The bottom I glued in, the top I left unglued, it's a tight "snap" fit to allow for access.

To hold the board, a couple of ledges were hot glued inside the box on which a shelf sits that the board is screwed to. I grabbed a handy spray can and painted the box before final assembly.

Working with corflute is very quick and easy, and it's also very strong, and doesn't look bad either, even for a ham-fisted fellow like me.

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Very nice!

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Nice idea....  I have to pick some up at my local book/office supply shop tomorrow and try myself.

Does the hotglue adhere 100% to it?  And the corflute doesn't warp due to the heat of the glue?

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The hotglue bonds very strongly to the corflute (strong enough that I can not pull it apart), it didn't warp at all.


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Had another project (not quite finished) which needed a box, and I have more sheets of corflute than I know what to do with, so...