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PAW 2 - Rick Winscot

Ok... round two for PCB a week! For this weeks challenge I'm going to make a breakout that covers the components in this kit from Sparkfun.

Admittedly, there is some prior art out there for crystal / resonator breakouts... so this one should be easy peasy. Behold the CRYSTALATOR!


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Got the PCBs back... and I decided to do a couple variations at the last minute. Here is a small SMD-only approach.


Well-suited for AVR ICs that have XTAL 1/2 side-by-side. The ground, as a jumper wire, works nicely.


In place with an ATtiny84.


Which, I finally decided to expand to support a combination of SMD and through hole components.


SMD components in place via reflow. Worked nicely.


This should save a little breadboarding time by having an 8, 16, and 20 mhz board ready to go. Also, it's a more solid connection - less noise.


If anyone wants to give CRYSTALATOR a try... I have a half-dozen extra I'm happy to give away. PM me your digits and I'll drop one in the mail.

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Going through my drawers last night and found a gonk-load of crystals... let me know what kind of configuration you need and if I have the parts I'll include them in the package. Let me know if you want SMD parts on the board (populated).

FYI: five boards left.

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Looks handy. I'd put my hand up for one, but just at the moment I'm too busy to put it to good use.
It's getting a little bit confusing with your PAWs and Mats PAWs (that goodness we don't have a DP member called 'Dog' or we could have DogPAWs everywhere!), I'm wondering what you might think about changing to something like RPAW or RickPAW?  Just a thought anyway.

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Sure... anything to help keep things organized; I'll tag my PAWs as RickPAW.

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Cool, thanks Rick, will save me get all confuzzled with the different PAW's!

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Will there be also a pawnshop?


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That's doggone funny... ;-)

The last board is gone... BTW - these are give-aways. As in, "free." I typically order a couple extra boards as I prototype just in case I burn something up / let the blue smoke out. When I'm done, I like to share what I don't use... the feedback is invaluable.