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Zab-Let v2 - soldering workshop

Hi all,

A couple of years back we organized a soldering workshop at the local hackerspace http:// using a TV-B-Gone clone with a bit of mini-POV integrated into it. The workshop was a great success and should be repeated.

The hackerspace has a cooperation with the local library (http:// and http:// and we are moving into the library's lobby for the whole month of February, showing the general pubic what a hackerspace is and what we do. We decided to repeat the soldering workshop with an updated version of the Zab-Let ("zapp-easy" in English).

The updated version solves some stability issues of the TVBG design and makes the POV part work better. We have documented the project at our github repo, which can be easily accessed through http:// It includes all sources and stuff you need to create/build/use it.

A soldering guide with lots and lots of images is available at http:// (in Danish). If someone is interested, then I offer to translate the guide into English.