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Recommendation request: USB to I2S (not I2C) interface?

Hi all. I'm looking for a tool that will let me read and send I2S from a PC, in much the same way that the BP v3 or FTDI C232HM cable lets me read and send UART or SPI from a PC ie. write the bytes from software + drivers on the PC and have them appear on some breakout wires or pins.

To be specific, I have a design where a DSP reads from ADCs using I2S. I want to impersonate the ADCs with my PC to test certain aspects of hardware integration.

I have read a related post about using the BP for I2S and it looks like it's not an easy thing to set up. All my searching for "I2S breakout" etc. just turns up ADC breakout boards, which is not what I want.

My next option is to take a dev kit that speaks both UART and I2S and write some code myself, but if there's a pre-made product that does it, I'd love to know about it! Any suggestions?


Re: Recommendation request: USB to I2S (not I2C) interface?

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If you find nothing else, a Microchip dev board and the tutorial at would be a good start to rolling your own.