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Does the BB4.1a really work? Anyone using it?

Hi everyone,

Please don't see this as a rant post, even though it may be a little.
I am wondering: does anybody here have a working Bus Blaster 4.1a (Jul 2012)?
If so, please share the details of what you did to make it work.
I have been trying to operate mine under Windows 7 - 64 bits with no luck so far.
I have installed/reinstalled the latest FTDI drivers. Used the latest urJTAG with the modded (v11) version for the interface=0/1 option.
It passes self-test consistently, it always programs the internal buffer normally (with BBv4-JTAGkey-selftest-v1.1.svf), but that's it. Once I get it connected to a target it gets TDO either stuck at 1 or 0, depending on which target I connect.
I am at the point of giving up and start using it as a simple CPLD prototype board (to which I don't have any use).
So, please, if anybody is using this specific device successfully, share the details of your setup. Which O.S., which driver, cable setup, etc.
I will be much appreciated. Please answer only if you are using the v4.1a, as it seems people is being able to use the v2 successfully.

Thanks a lot,

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Re: Does the BB4.1a really work? Anyone using it?

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Sorry for the bump, but ... Anyone???