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MMA7455L free PCB built


Finished and tested MMA7455L breakout board received from DP as free PCB.

Here are few photos of my work:


Re: MMA7455L free PCB built

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Nice work! Always great to see these being soldered.

Would you mind sharing the scripts for the demo you did, looks really cool! I'd like to use it to test some other problematic accel projects we have :)
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Re: MMA7455L free PCB built

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Wow, how did you solder that chip on there? If i had the pcb, i would have no clue how to get it on there...

Re: MMA7455L free PCB built

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Thanks Ian.
That's some Processing cube demo floating around the internet. I've just adapted it for BusPirate and fixed geometry.
Will share the source next week, when I get few minutes between work and sleep ;)
Also it is very pity, thet you have retired those PCBs. I wanted to solder another one, but now will have to etch my own and choose some other PCB :

Veda88, yes, it is not trivial, but possible, especially, if you have a hot air gun available.
Some guy do the soldering of these chips with the soldering iron, but I gave it up.
I've placed the PCB into mount, tinned it, then tinned the chip with soldering iron.
Then I placed the chip onto the PCB, started the hot air gun at 150 deg for preheating, then switched to 250 and carefully blowed over all sides. Touched the chip with a stick and it sat down. After that, I switched hot air gun to 100 deg and blowed the things during cooling down. At 100 degrees, I put my hot air gun away, waited few minutes for the PCB to cool down at all and soldered all other parts to it.