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XSVF player adapted to another platform

Hi Ian,
I heard your show on the Amp Hour last week, and it inspired me to check out Dangerous Prototypes. I think I'm going to have to buy myself one of those Bus Pirates!

I have a design question for you about the XSVF player for the Bus Pirate, if you've got a sec (I'm assuming by the wiki history that you were the author on it).

How hard would it be for me to adapt your firmware into a little bootloader which runs on a microcontroller and plays XSVF files off of an SD card?

Are there any 'gotchas' I should watch out for? Where would I start digging around in the source code if I wanted to do this?

The XSVF player is from an app note XAPP058 by Xilinx. I dont remember it off hand, but it should be a linked on the Bus Pirate/XSVF player wiki pages. It's pretty simple to get the demo code going anywhere, that's all I did: ... #Downloads

Best of luck with your project!
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