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Precision 1V reference

I confess, I only have crappy meters.  But I often have the need to calibrate ADC measurement, and I would like to calibrate my meters so they are all in the same ballpark.  So I have built myself a simple, cheap, and reasonably accurate reference.  It is based on a  ADR510 voltage reference.  According to the specs it is 1V +/- 3.5mV,  70ppm/C.


And I had some boards made from OSHpark

Checking it with my crappy meters, it appears to work.


(edit: I replaced images of board with renders due to embarrassing spelling errors)

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OMG --- I just noticed I spelled precision wrong!  Arg!

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and reference ;)

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OMG!  what a loser!

I couldn't take it --- I removed the board images and replaced with renders from OSHPark!

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