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Re: ESR Meter

MickM, thanks for documenting this so well. 

I think I remember seeing you reference to the original one a while back, but there's definitely enough information here to replicate this easily now.  This should definitely come in handy for those pesky electrolytics on the broken SMPS i have laying around ;-)  It looks like it should probably come in under $15 after all the odds and ends are purchased (analog current meter, HV caps, plus, etc), so it should pay for itself immediately since I won't be blindly replacing all the caps on the board.

Re: ESR Meter

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[quote author="MickM"]I don't remember posting about this before.[/quote]
It was wingnut I was thinking of, looks like you were just involved in the discussion, apparently. 

[quote author="MickM"]I found a regular 50uA meter - Finally!!
So I just redid the layout and boxed it all up.[/quote]
I figured I'd just swipe one from ebay.

I'll probably be sticking with lower voltage rails and draining the caps as a precaution (I'll still throw in some 450V caps anyway).  If I wind up replicating this, I'll let you know how it turns out (I always seem to contemplate more projects than I complete:)).