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Nothing captured

Hi all,

I bought the OLS a long time ago but never got it to work.
Updating the bitstream/firmware works flawless, connecting to it through various clients as well, but nothing is captured. Just solid lines. Strange thing is that the captured states seem to be random high or low, but always consistent within one capture on one channel. CH1 could be high with CH2 low, and next capture they would have different values.

After a loooong time (moved and renovated a house) I dug it out again since I need a LA shortly and didn't want to by a Logic one since I had already bought a OLS.
Updated the latest software I found on the frontpage, but no luck when generating a signal with my BP. Checked the same signal with a scope and signal is fine.
LED's are like they should be according to the manuals. Tried the SUMP and the OLSFront software.

After browsing through the forums, I found one guy who had one and posted pictures of a scratch across the board. I never noticed it untill really looking for it now, but I have a comparable scratch at allmost the same spot. Under the ARM led, between TRIG and R8 and then going to C20 and C19 (board rev 1.01). Can post pics if necessary.

Anything else I can try? Would like to try to get this one to work before I buy a Logic.


Re: Nothing captured

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One thing I forgot to mention, when checking the scratch under a stereoscope, it seems it didn't cut through any of the traces, though I can't be 100% sure. Measured the continuity where I could and those places look ok.
Also: the scratch is UNDER the lacquer, so certainly in manufacturing, not afterwards.


Re: Nothing captured

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I'm sorry about the scratch, but it should not effect things in that location (I assume...).

Just to check:
1. You have OLS ground connected to ground of the target?
2. You have inner/outer pin numbering selected properly in the client to get the pins you have connected?
3. If you are using a trigger on a continuous signal, the 'before' samples will be trash because no data is collected

If you could please post some screen shots of the setting you used, I would be happy to look over them.
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