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[Entry] CMOS Frequency Counter


I just finished my CMOS frequency counter. I only heard about this contest 2 weeks ago so after a lot of work, here are the results. :)

Learn more here:
Video: ... ture=g-u-u

I’ve wanted to create a frequency counter using logic chips for some time, but I never really got the chance to do it, mainly because nowadays there are micro-controllers that one can use in replacement of all these old chips. I heard of the 7400 Contest only 2 weeks ago and thought that it was the perfect excuse for me do build this machine!

The project consists of a frequency counter that uses only old-school CMOS chips: 4511 display drivers, 4029 decade counters a 4521 24-stage frequency divider and a 4011 chip with 4 NAND gates. The frequency counter counts from 1 Hz to 1 MHz (999.999 KHz).

Learn more here: http://

I hope you guys like it. :)

Miguel Pedroso

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