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[Entry] Periodic Egg Turner For Incubator

This is a project from a couple years ago, which I published on the members' pages at the Backyard Chickens forum: An automatic egg incubator with PID temperature control and periodic egg-roller, built into a microwave oven. The rotary egg turner employed the microwave turnable and a stationary lattice containing the eggs. A timer circuit comprising a 74HC4060 counter and CD4013 dual flip flop set the turntable in motion several times a day, rolling the eggs.

The purpose is that turning the eggs helps stop the fetal chick from getting stuck to the inside of the egg wall. The egg turning business is of interest to more people than I realised at the time. To my complete amazement, a short clip of my prototype egg turner on YouTube has been watched  more than 10,000 times.

The application was certainly more original than the circuit, which I adapted only slightly from another source. Here it is nonetheless (click the thumbnail to see a larger picture):


Here is the stripboard layout. The relay that I used had contacts for high voltage lines on the top, insulated from the low voltage circuit.


And here is the circuit board mounted in the gutted microwave, before attaching the power lines.


(By the way, I didn't have any success actually incubating. Perhaps chickens are better at that. I blamed the eggs, whose fertility was all but destroyed in transit. It was such a disappointment that I never completed documenting the incubator build.)

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What brand is it? Do you know where it was bought?