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Re: New Client: OLSFront

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[quote author="neslekkim"]Is this project only for the OLS?, there are some other implementations around, like pipstrello which gives more memory and speed, and then we have the LogicPirate, but that is built on an pic so maybe it wont work?[/quote]

I don't have any of the other devices that talk the SUMP protocol, if I did, adding support for them should be fairly easy.

Re: New Client: OLSFront

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Hi Jadew,

Pipistrello OLS is basically the OpenBench Logic Sniffer (OLS) code ported to Pipistrello.  Everything works the same way as OLS but with 64 Mbytes of buffer vs 24 Kbytes in OLS.  The code exists in two flavor: serial @ 921600 baud, and FTDI async FIFO. 

The serial mode is there just for compatibility with JaWi's client (you can change the baud rate in his client) but not really useful for larger sample sizes - it takes about 9 min to receiver the full 64 Mbytes vs about 8 seconds in FTDI async FIFO mode.

One thing to note is that the SUMP protocol has a 256K sample limitation (the readcount and delaycount are 16-bit values crammed in a 32-bit register) but I extended the protocol with two new 32-bit registers for readcount and delaycount.  This is done in a backwards compatible way (i.e. you can set the readcount and delaycount be either writing to the combined register or to the new individual registers, the last write wins).

As I see it, there are several options for supporting Pipistrello OLS in your code (from simple to hard):
1) Add a baud rate select option so that 921600 baud can be selected
2) 1 + add the option to select up to 256K samples (maybe based on reading the metadata)
3) 1 + support for the new extended readcount and delaycount registers + the option to select up to 64M samples
4) 3 + add FTDI async FIFO interface option

I think it would be great to have support for a high performance OLS in your code and I'm willing to help you if need be.

For more info see http://


Re: New Client: OLSFront

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This has been my favorite frontend for years! Thanks Jadew!

Does anyone know if downloads and documentation are available anywhere? (Perhaps even the source code?)

I've modified the SPI decoder to enable ASCII display. It's available here.