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Pioneer Detachable Faceplate

I have an old Pioneer detachable faceplate that I would like to use, but I am not sure how to wiring it up to my bus pirate or if it's even possible or not. I know I'll have to power the LCD externally because it's 13.v and display data comes across pin 3 because I was able to find the service manual.  I will link a few pages about the lcd driver and keyboard controller IC in my next post. I was wondering if someone could take look and see if they can help me wire it up.  Thanks in advance.

Re: Pioneer Detachable Faceplate

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Forum is not allowing me to post links because I am a new user.  Here are the pinouts of the faceplate connector.

1 - NC
2 - 2.5V CSENS
3 - DPDT
4 - ROT0
5 - KYDT
6 - ROT1
7 - DGND
8 - 13.9v BL+B
9 - NC
10 - NC
11 - 5.1V SWVDD
12 - ILGND

Re: Pioneer Detachable Faceplate

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Try it now; I think it only takes one or two posts before you can post links...

Those pins look foreign to me; do you know what protocol it is? or anything? Or have a better explanation for each pin instead of there aliases?

Sounds like an interesting project! I wonder if the bus pirate can help you with this; maybe not.

Re: Pioneer Detachable Faceplate

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There is little to no hardware in a radio faceplate, best to just look inside and see what goes where and to what if any IC's.

My guesses:
3 connects either the 12v or 5v, it's the on switch in the volume knob
5 is keypad,  2.5v
4/6 Rotary pulse encoders, 2.5v

Re: Pioneer Detachable Faceplate

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Ok here are the pages for the lcd driver and keyboard controller IC.  I really hope you all can help me out with this one.  I looked the IC up, but couldn't find out anything.  I think this is the best I am going to get.  Interesting enough, you can get these faceplates on ebay for little to nothing.  If I can get this one to work, I plan on getting a newer on with a better LCD.

Re: Pioneer Detachable Faceplate

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Try to find the "grey box" power supply schematics, and the left half of

At the top is the "Keyboard" and "Display" data lines KYDT and DPDT.  You need to test the voltage, but it looks like they might be 5v (2.2k resistors). Keyboard is easy once you have the voltage you can test and record each key.

Display is where it gets tricky. It's almost safe to assume they didn't reinvent the wheel, that is to say, "It more than likely uses one of the common interfaces".

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(read as) It's better to attach files to your posts than link offsite, you'll find more people maybe inclined to have a look, images and related text stay connected ect...

Re: Pioneer Detachable Faceplate

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Thanks for the advice about attaching files instead of linking offsite.  They are now attached and it includes the full schematic for the LCD Driver and Keyboard Controller IC.  I didn't see anything more about the power supply schematics. Originally I did supply 13V to the power supply pin 8 and the faceplate did light up.  If I remember correctly all the segments were lit.  I need to finish up converting an ATX to Lab Bench Power Supply.

Re: Pioneer Detachable Faceplate

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Looking at the  CRT2560 service manual, it uses the  PD6430 also, on page 56 it gives the power up sequence...

 SWVDD is 5v pulsed High Low in 300ms blocks by the controller. Tracing this line backwards from the face-plate leads back to L650(=2r2k) C650(=104) r649(=222), this is just for noise buffering indicated by L650 being a ferrite in the partslist.

Page 48 gives the controller(PE5196A) pinout, and confirms the DPDT uses CMOS voltages.

As might be expected there is no data about the display protocol.  Only option is guessing or sniffing a working unit sorry.

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Much appreciated, I will mess around with it as soon as I get some free time.  I don't have much free time these days every since my daughter (five months old) was born.


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apologies if this is completely off the subject of the forum but i came across this thread after searching for info on Pioneer faceplate pinouts after pondering if it would be possible to connect two faceplates to control a single head unit?

My project idea is for my cruiser boat, the main unit is installed in the cabin and i would like to install a second face plate in the cockpit so i can control the unit from there and most importantly see the display?

Its been many years since i got involved in anything like this but chomping at the bit as this idea has really got my interest.

i was hoping it may be possible to just piggy back the 2nd faceplate onto the connections but looking at the pinout descriptions, im not sure it is?
even if its only possible to get the 2nd display working with no control it would be good as I can control the HiFi using the Ir remote?

I'm sure there must be others who would find this usefull!
any ideas much appreciated