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Bluetooth Controller For RGB LED strip

Here's a Project is made to Control RGB led strip Ligting. RGB led strips are available for cheap from adafruit or ebay. Some are bundled with a low quailty IR or RF based controller. And in some case the controller costs more than the LEDS! So i made one for myself. And it can be controlled over bluetooth!. So potentially any smartphone or laptop can be the controller. I have coded a gui for linux PC and for nokia s60. Working on a android gui now.

You can Check it out over at my blog. I have Also set up a repository with all the design files on github. Currently I'm Working on a new board layout (planning to use a DP sick of beige size standard )and an android app. Also Any suggestions from anyone with experience on making android apps would be cool! :D .Also feel free to let me know if you find any bugs in the project.

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I had made this as a Diwali project last year.Diwali's almost here this year!

So i thought this year as an update to my last years bluetooth controller ,i plan to have all the stuff on a proper PCB and also in a proper enclosure. I have already started work on the PCB.I have chosen the DP7043 SoB standard PCB size.So the enclosure wont be an issue.

Also work in progress is the android app. and that should be ready soon too!

Also during the global geek tour of mumbai with Ian i got myself another LED strip. So i have two now!!. So will be making two controllers this year!

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I've gotten something similar up and running with an Arduino Duemilanove, a breadboard and an $10USD Bluetooth module off of ebay.  More recently I've been trying to integrate an I2C RTC.  My long term goal is to build a few Japanese Shoji style lamps with built in schedulers and Bluetooth configuration / control.

Has anyone made up some boards with the latest layout from Muralidhar? If so are any available?
If not I may add an I2C breakout [and/or socket for a DS1307 + crystal] and make a small run at OSH Park.

Re: Bluetooth Controller For RGB LED strip

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I managed to etch a pcb at home!


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Nice work Murli!
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