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I also made a casing :) (custom 5031)

Hello all,

I also made a small casing for my PCB, first time ever I used Sketchup, think it came out alright :)
Here are some pics:
Project is still busy, it will be a CMSIS-DAP ARM debugger, will post something about it on in a week when all tests are done :)
Sneak peek for you guys ;)

SoB cases from SEEED:

A finished PCB including bodge crystal in the casing:

Files to make the SoB cases are in the attachment :)

Re: I also made a casing :) (custom 5031)

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very cool. Was the customizing SoB case tutorial helpful?
best regards FIlip.

Re: I also made a casing :) (custom 5031)

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Yes, they did help :)
That and a basic Sketchup tutorial and even a beginner can design a simple case

Re: I also made a casing :) (custom 5031)

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And the info is online now.
Fun fact, as the CMSIS-DAP is a very new design there is no support for open source toolchains at the moment.
If there are people that have experience with that kind of stuff we offer to send you a free CMSIS-DAP board and the documentation so you can give it a go.
All the info + schematics and PCB design can be found here: ... 4-cmsisdap