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Bus Pirate firmware v6.2 beta 1

Here's a new beta firmware: ...

It should fix a bunch of strange bugs with Bus Pirate v4, and fixes tons of small bugs in various features. For a partial list see the project tracker:

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Includes updated STK500v2 firmware for v3 hardware.

SPI speed
SUMP logic analyzer mode
V4 UART bridge maybe
UART TX invert not set in invert mode
USB interrupt problems effecting all modes
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Re: Bus Pirate firmware v6.2 beta 1

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A small nitpick, please pack archive contents to some top-level directory to avoid tarbombing.

Re: Bus Pirate firmware v6.2 beta 1

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Thanks for the update!


Re: Bus Pirate firmware v6.2 beta 1

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How is this version working with BP v4 hardware?  I was going to order one from Seeed but read about some bugs updating the firmware.  Does this version update easily on V4 hardware or is it the same issue someone already reported on I believe BP firmware v6.1 which caused them to have to repeat or reset many times to finally get it to update the firmware.

I want to be able to read/flash SoIC8 from modern ASus laptop Bios chip W25Q64BV.

I have the BP v3 don't remember which minor version it is?  V3.2 or v3.6 for example?  Will the Bus Pirate version 3x be able to read/write with flashrom on these newer UEFI bios chips or would I need v4 for that?