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#twatch linux usage

Hi all,
Can someone share a step by step tutorial for linux ? A want to connect #twatch with a linux router (dd-wrt), to get info about WAN IP, disks usage etc.
I'm a linux noob,

Re: #twatch linux usage

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I'm not sure about the details, but the process will involve opening a TCPIP port on the router to the #twatch on port 1337, then sending matrix orbital formatted commands. You can check the LCDSmartie source for matrix orbital command code, or a number of #twatch scripts in the SVN if you can use Perl or Pyton on the router.
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Re: #twatch linux usage

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Maybe is something very simply, but I'm not a linux user,
I know some simple commands in linux like, cd, mkdir, cp ..... ls, but that's all....
Can you help me to make #twatch work with ubuntu..... ?


Re: #twatch linux usage

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nothink about #twatch with linux?

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I am not a Linux expert, but I do use it on my home network.  I have a tWatch which is still sitting on my workbench since I haven't had much time to work with it yet.  But I'll try to help you if I can.

First, have you gotten the backlighting "problem" resolved?

Next, look thru:

Then let me know how you are doing.

Joe Henley

Re: #twatch linux usage

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Hi Joe,
There is no prb with my #thatch backlight, the frmw puts on by default.


Re: #twatch linux usage

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If your backlight works OK, that's good.  You probably have one of the later produced tWatches.

I assume it works OK and that you can ping it.

Next you should look through the reference I included last time.  Similar sites include: ... -6889.html

These should give you some ideas about opening a port on your PC.  Then use Ian's suggestions about passing Matrix Orbital commands to it using port 1337.