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Current status of webserver software

Hi guys.

I am trying to get a grip on where this project is at. It looks a very useful piece of kit. I would like to collect some data from some sensors via I2C and then display the list of results on a webpage. From what I have read I can do this with microchip's dynamic variables system and this nice webserver hardware.

I think my two main questions are.

1. If the webserver is serving pages from the eeprom, can I use part of the eeprom memory to save some data as well? If so is there a pointer to some appropriate source that shows this?
2. Is the dynamic variables feature of the microchip stack implementation working properly?

Thanks for any help


Re: Current status of webserver software

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ad 2: Dynamic variable substitution works fine with the EEPROM webserver.  No issues there.  The Microchip SD card example firmware has still problems with dynamic variable substitution.  It does not really work reliably there.