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IR-Toy single sided routing for self etching

Hey Guys,
I'm a student from Germany and I love this Blog.
So a few weeks ago i tried my first etching example. So i needed a small circuit in single sided design. Because I wanted to etch a sensemaking curcuit not only an etching test, I decided to etch your IR-Toy and your CPLD Board. So I routed it to single sided and I did it with the direct toner transfer method. Everything worked great I was etching it with HCL+H2O2 (really fast!! but quite dangerous!!). The only faulty thing is, I mirrored the print.... so you can see my fault on the pictures... but everything is working only the QSE159 is missed (German Distributors dont have it.. so expensive postages for such a little thing are the consequences).

Here are some pictures (the plastic box is my old Bus Pirate, its an SD-Card Box prepared with a knife):

Re: IR-Toy single sided routing for self etching

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Nice work, home etched PCBs are the best!

Would you please consider uploading your eagle files so other people can DIY these boards too?
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