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5x5x5 LED cube


i finaly finished my second Hardware project :D
Its a 5x5x5 LED cube controlled by an Atmega328P (Arduino Bootloader).

For the USB <-> Serial connection i used a module i found in a ~10 years old mobile Datacable for Siemens Phones. it is based on an PL2313 chip.

I used an electret microphone in combination with an LM386 for some effects that react on sounds.

you can find some photos and vids on my blog:

ok, it is nothing new and far away from well done.. But its just amazing for me to see it working and i learned quiet a lot :)
I just want to share it with you (because normaly i just hang around here, read about your projects/news and get inspired by you).

leave a little comment,thougth or what ever you want, if you want ;)

Re: 5x5x5 LED cube

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Good job.  Its always a good feeling when a project gets finished

Re: 5x5x5 LED cube

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Nice work, that looks like a lot of soldering! 125 LEDs, two legs each :D
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Re: 5x5x5 LED cube

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Thank you for the great feedbacks :)

You`re right Ian, it was also lot of work to solder every little connection (IMHO this part was harder than building the cube itself). See that this was my first "big" project, the debugging stage took also a serious amount of the time.
I don`t have the equipment and skills for etching my own PCB`s, thats why i soldered everything on a perfboard ;)

there are still some nasty fails in the circuit, but i was able to compensate the most of them in the firmware... Lessons learned :)