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Visual Diff for Designing 3D objects

Hi all. I'm working on a tool/webapp that is visual version control for your 3D model designs. You work on your 3D design, and commit/save your changes to the repository. Then you get to see a history of changes where additions are in transparent green and deletions are in transparent red. You'd be able to see history of other projects and make derivatives of projects, or merge changes from other projects.

Since as a new user, I can't post new images or urls, so it's at cubehero com. As I'm still working on this, I hope if this sounds like something you'd like to use, I'd love to get your feedback here. Thanks! In the meantime, I'll keep posting updates.

Re: Visual Diff for Designing 3D objects

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Looks interesting. Any idea when it will not be invite only? Any plans for service besides github? Will it be open source or is it a closed software as service job?
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