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Stellaris MCU board

Hi, I wanted to share my design of a Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3 MCU board.

I've managed to make it so it can be used with either LM3S3748 (USB device/host) or LM3S6938 (Ethernet).

I've had it manufactured by iTead studio, and I think the result is perfect, no problems at all.

I like Stellaris chips because you can get them as free samples from TI :), they have a great C library (StellarisWare) with lots of examples, and you can program for them using only GCC and OpenOCD.

More info and schematic download here: ... board.html

Re: Stellaris MCU board

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Sweet; I have always wanted to try the ARM mcu. Want to trade prototype PCBs? I can send you a couple of my PCBs (there smaller; an AVR Component tester PCB with shematic, boardfile, and partslist included and a pre-programmed ATMEGA to go with it. and  another small (populated) project of mine) for one of your boards.

Doesn't have to be populated.

let me know.

Re: Stellaris MCU board

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Sure, I can trade. I'll contact you via PM.

Re: Stellaris MCU board

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i have a ARM stellaris LM3S3748 but have no way to test it and use it because i have no board.
could you confirm to me that this PCB design works for sure?
there are loads of my friends waiting to have a breakout board.

I jurst want to use the LM3S3748 for a real application. I jurst have no way to solder it so im planning to get this PCB manufactured. Etching tiny lines is hard to do and didnt work for ARM.

so if any one can tell me who has done an application using this breakout board would be gratfull.

Re: Stellaris MCU board

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And i think T i is not giving smples of LM3S3748  anymore. am i correct?