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Another MCP2200 breakout board built

Hello, I just finished building my MCP2200 breakout board sent from DangerousPrototypes.

This build was relatively easy, the only problem is that the crystal I ordered was a little bit too big... No problem though as I tinned the 2 pads and soldered it from beneath with hot air. Of course this is the first part I soldered on. I took precaution to heat the whole board gradually to avoid any warping or burning of the soldermask. Once the solder was melted, I gently pushed down the crystal in place (the crystal was already on the board so it could get a little warm to avoid thermic shock). A little solder came out of the edges of the pad, I removed it with my soldering iron. Here is the close-up result:

I soldered everything else and checked the on the XTAL pin to see the 12.005MHz clock on my brand new DS1052e.

Also, I did not had any ferrite bead. I salvaged one from a broken wireless mouse dongle I had laying around. PCB of broken electronics are really useful in these situations.

I plan on using this breakout board on breadboard projects, that's why the header is face-down. The board is a little long for this but I did not want to solder a right angle header as I think it would put too much mechanical stress on the header/breadboard/usb connector when a usb cable is inserted.

The crystal issue was a great way to practice for another project. I designed a PCB for a school project that uses a switching regulator that have a PowerPad under the IC (TPS54286PWPR). I'll probably use the same method to solder it. Is there anyone that could confirm or deny that this is a good way to do it?

Thanks again DangerousPrototypes!

Re: Another MCP2200 breakout board built

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Nice work on the PCB.

You can also put a via in the power pad and solder it from behind with an iron :)
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Re: Another MCP2200 breakout board built

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I've put 5 little via on the PowerPad. I think I'll go with the hot air to solder it if it's an accepted practice.

Thank you for your advice.