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Bus Blaster downloads, help, FAQ

Latest firmware
*How to upgrade

You will always get help fastest from the crowd in the forum. A bunch of people can help, and the answers are available to help other people too. Private messages with support questions are discouraged.

Frequent Questions

Q. I noticed a new version in development, such as v4. Should I wait?
A. We are constantly toying with new versions, but it takes up to a year to get something new in production. Most of our prototypes never make it into production, and when released the first batches are often buggy. If you can wait 1-2years to get the next version, then it might be the right choice. If you need it anytime remotely soon, the current hardware is well tested and should serve you well.

Q. What new features does v4 support?
A. In theory it will support the SVO data channel of the new SWD reduced-wire debugging protocol. The earlier hardware all supports SWD, just not this optional channel that most targets don't use.
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