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I want to share pics of my electronics teardowns. They are not the most detailed or finest quality, but I hope you find them interesting.

Most, if not all of the pics are hosted on my Flickr account, but if you know a better way to host them, let me know. I chose the Flickr, because at my opinion it wasn't so PITA as most others I knew at the time. I've been thinking of hosting them myself (by turning my Seagate Dockstar to a server?), but I'm not sure about that yet.

I'd like to hear your opinions whether to include the images on the forum or just the links to them?

#1: Mobira Power supply and Lead Battery -- From really "mobile" phone

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#2: Elonex 5" Color LCD Ebook reader, movie player etc. ... 783368805/

-- If you could help me port Linux on that, it would be great! The current program does play movies well, but reading anything is quite horrible (zooming mostly).

Main components:
512Mb 200 MHz DDR SDRAM

CPU - More info needed

Battery management

5" Touch(?) Screen

Micron 29F32G08CBABA
4GB Flash(?)

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Yey, more teardowns! :)

I noticed that your camera is lacking a macro function, is that true? Anyways, from my experience, flash is a no no when trying to do very close macro pictures or pictures of something reflective like a board. Your camera can go down to 80 Iso (jealous is me), so I suggest you put the iso down to 80, fetch a tripod, and turn off flash. That way when you take pictures, the colors do not look "bland" or "empty". Though, it seems that your cameras flash is better than mine, so this may not apply to you, best to experiment though! Always good to stick a description in, even if there is nothing to really describe. Reason for this is so the person looking at the gallery gets the idea of flow from one picture to the other. For example, in the power supply teardown, I did not realize that you were doing a teardown of two separate power supplies till I went back and realized that IMG_1865 is not the back of the unit you were tearing down earlier. Another example would be to put a description for IMG_1881. When I saw that I was instantly going "oh that looks epic", but we only see it from one angle, so we can only make wild guesses at what it may be (I say some unusual cap, seeing C2 next to it), but you can see it from all angles. If you put a description in for that picture describing the C2 thing from your perspective, we will have a much better idea on what it is and it would satisfy our curiosity.

For hosting it, flicker is not bad at all, they don't have any bandwith limits on pictures either, I think. If you want, I can host your pictures on my site using the gallery that I used for my two earlier picture threads, or just host them without the gallery. If I would use the gallery for them, of course I would accredit you for the pictures. :P

There seem to be three people in the world regarding pictures. One group happily clicks on the link and looks at the pictures, even if they are in the thread. The 2nd group is wary of the link wondering if it will lead them to a bogus site with adds everywhere or just don't trust the link, so if. The third group just hates pictures all around and are not interested. :P If you include pictures in your thread, some people won't click the link since they get the pictures from the thread. What I do is try to appeal to the first and 2nd group, I embed the pictures in the thread and link to the gallery for the people who want a bigger experience.

About the color LCD ebook reader, porting linux to that, or anything else un documented for that matter, seems to be (from my impression) a very long and tedious process. I was googling around and I did not really see anything that can account for information regarding that chip. In your pictures, I did not see anything that resembles a JTAG port or a flash chip for holding the image.

This seems to be the datasheet for the flash memory, maybe the boot code is on there. Sadly the documentation has an NDA with it. so finding it won't be that easy. You can still try to find the datasheet by googling around though. You can also be able to find the address, data, read/write, and other things by tracing the lines to the ic. It would be a good starting point at least. If you have the bench logic sniffer, you should be able to read the pins too, and be able to deduce the pins functions like that. ... g08cbabawp

Anyways, good luck with getting linux on that guy! And, good job with the pictures! Again, I can put them on my server and host them for you, and/or put them in the same gallery format I do for my other two picture threads. Also, descriptions would be cool. :P

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Thank you for your advice, hak8or, but I've been asking a budget for a tripod some time... Not successfully yet. I'd rather not buy the cheap little ones, so it is somewhere like 50 €... I follow the prices regularly :)

I added description in every picture now, thanks for the advice. I also tried to make the order more suitable to people who haven't seen the actual device.

Nice to hear you are curious about the C2 and his friends, there are at least three of them, two big and one smaller. I have no clue what they are, just some sort of capacitors, and there seems to be seven sets of metal layers...

Thanks for trying to help with the ebook reader. I know the CPU is undocumented, and I downloaded the firmware image from my reader manufacturer site. The image file does not have any 'strings' and there may be one gzipped (if I remember right) file, but it is XORed or something weird. I'll just see if I have enough interest in porting Linux on it. It was 40€, and it is very good for watching movies on the move.

Thank you for your offer, I'll keep it in mind if I choose to use something other than Flickr.

Edit: Don't get me wrong: The ebook reader is not very good, the sound quality is quite poor and subtitles show chinese chars some time... It is just better than my mini laptop :)

Edit2: Oh well, I didn't add descriptions, I added comments.

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Ah, adding descriptions made it a lot better! Mirroring the PCB is genius, I have no idea why I never did that in my pictures. :P

And yeah, a good tripod is not that cheap, I have heard nothing but good things about the ball and screw tripods, but I am not really aware about tripod. After all, I use my girlfriends tripod as I don't have my own. The order and descriptions were exactly what I was referring to, perfect! In general, the power supply seems rather old and uses parts I never seen before, especially the glass capacitors and the other capacitors with the frequency markings. Referring to the capacitor which seems to have seven layers, I remember seeing the inside diagram of an electronic component designed for high voltage suppression. I checked on wiki and google images, and can't seem to find it anymore. I think that it may not be a capacitor, even though it is labeled C2, but instead a high voltage suppression thing.

If you upload the firmware to this forum or link to it, you may attract someone who is up for a challenge!

Also, I forgot to tell earlier, I also embed pictures in the thread so that it may be easier for Ian (and that other guy) to have a picture to use when front paging the project. Anyways, good luck! :D

Edit: The other guys are DP and the machinegeek! I have no idea who you guys are, or if it just Ian using different usernames for posting up the projects, but yeah. :P

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Pleased to make your acquaintance :)
That other guy.

Just kidding, thanks for thinking of ways to help out.
best regards FIlip.