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The MC HCK! Developer prototype kits now available!


some of you may remember my post about the MC HCK.  In short, the MC HCK is an entirely open source ARM development board with USB and a ton of options, on a small footprint.  And it is designed to be home buildable for under $5.

One year after the previous post, I am happy to be able to announce the first prototype MC HCK dev kits.

During the past months/year of silence, several things have ripened to usefulness:

We've created a bootloader that allows firmware updates via USB; this means that the MC HCK can be programmed without additional programming adapters.  This also confirms that the MC HCK is definitely usable in its most basic form.

Additionally, using our custom SWD toolchain, it is possible to debug code on the MC HCK using gdb.  The toolchain currently supports the Bus Blaster and Bus Pirate boards as SWD adapters, but native MC HCK <-> MC HCK SWD debug support is underway.

But back to the prototype dev kits.  These prototype kits are meant for early adopters, who would like to evaluate and verify the electrical design of the MC HCK, and those who want to contribute to the growing software library.

The prototype kits will come in parts (not assembled) and will contain the following components:

- 5x MCU (pre-programmed with USB bootloader)
- 5x boards (2.0 mm, direct USB pluggable)
- 1x discretes for all parts
- 2x NRF24L01+ RF board
- 2x MCP73831T-2ACI LiPo charger IC
- 2x 180mAh LiPo battery
- 2x W25Q80BV 1MB SPI flash
- 1x MIC5205-3.3 16V LDO
- 1x LM3671MF-3.3 buck IC
- 1x TPS61097-33 boost IC
- 2x Micro-USB AB receptacles
- 3x 32.768kHz RTC XTAL

This allows you to build 5 standard MC HCKs, and run RF communications, autonomous nodes, log large amounts of data, and run from a variety of power sources.  Not all of these options have been verified to work yet, but that's what this prototype kit is for.

The price of the prototype kit will be $60, and will include PayPal fee and international shipping, either from Switzerland or the European Union (your choice).  The total cost calculation can be found at http://

To get to this price level, we need to purchase parts for 50 kits, and also sell 50 kits.

This is where we need your support:  We need 40 brave supporters, who will commit to buying each a prototype kit (ask your friends and hackspace!), and ideally transfer the money ahead of time.  I personally am prepared to eat the cost for up to 10 kits, should we not manage to find 50 buyers.

If you're interested, then please go visit the prototypes page at to ponder and chip in.