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Batch document scanning software?

I have 100s of receipts to scan before tax day. Does anyone know a decent batch scanner on windows or linux? My scanner is working on both boots, but everything I find is total junk. iCopy seems nice but doesn't work:

NotAnotherPDF Scanner is my current choice, it works but you have to click the image source (scanner) before every page.

I tried a few command line tools like cmdtwain Free but they all only get a small portion of the page (even set to A4). ... twain/faqs
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Re: Batch document scanning software?

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Prob a bad idea, but what about just using a camera with a white background?

Re: Batch document scanning software?

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ian, i'm not sure exactly what you're looking for, but here are some links to projects on HAD (probably not terribly helpful,but included anyway):

It sounds like you're mainly trying to minimize/eliminate mouse clicks?  I've only ever used the built-in camera/scanner wizard in windows and it's total junk.

Or are you trying to actually automate physically placing the receipts (seems like buying a nice scanner would be the most cost/time-effective here):)

Re: Batch document scanning software?

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What do you mean by batch scanner?
It scans the receipts on the scanner bed, put the scanned image/pdf on the computer, then a few seconds gap which gives you enough time to put new receipts on the scanner bed, scans the receipts on the scanner bed, rinse and repeat?

I think it would take longer to find a program and install it instead of just scanning the receipts by hand. :( Though, you can try to find an auto clicker, often times used in games like runescape and whatnot to automate clicking. Maybe if the dialogues pop up in the same places you could just automate all the clicking and typing, giving you a "batch" scanning thing! :D

Re: Batch document scanning software?

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I don't know how helpful this is, but xsane does automatically increase the number in the file name... and there is also the command line interface, so it might be easy just to write bash script to do the stuff?