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dsPIC Dev Board

Hi guys, recently I have been working with the dsPICs with some basics application like motors control or like get the image from simple CMOS camera, these are great devices! Would be great make a development board with one of these dsPICs.

Some ideas:
- dsPIC33 Series
- TQFP 100 o 64
- 12MHz o 16MHz Clock
- 32768Khz Clock (for RTC)
- USB Powered
- FT232 to connect with the PC and update the firmware using a boot-loader
- SMT 0805
- Connections for audio applications?

Any sugestion will be received

Re: dsPIC Dev Board

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there is the tqfp-100 board we are designing... IT suports dsPICs in TQFP-100 packages.
It has a USB connected for those DSPICs that have USB. There is a RTC crystal as well... I think all the components are 0805.. But it was designed as a breakout, so it might not meet your needs. I have a dsPIC33EJ512MU810 on it right now. Here is the forum thread.
best regards FIlip.

Re: dsPIC Dev Board

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I thought in a board like the PICqueƱo DIP, easy to connect in a breadboard. The tqfp-100 board are great, but is dificult to connect in the breadboard by the two pins row. The dsPIC is the dsPIC33EP512MU810?

Re: dsPIC Dev Board

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you could try the UBW 32 board Its designed for the pic32 but I think its compatable with pic24s and pdspic33s...
best regards FIlip.


Re: dsPIC Dev Board

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I looked the UBW32 web page, and the PIC32 pin-out is compatible with the dsPIC33EP512MU810. Maybe I can make some modifications to the UBW32 design.

PD: Your TQFP 100 Breakout is great, I will try to get one board from the PCB drawer or buy when available.

Thanks arakis!