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OSTOC(Open source toaster oven controller)

Hi guys,

After seeing the part tester/transistor tester project i felt there is need for many opensource lab
equipments like the famous bus pirate,opensource logic sniffer and so on...

i got an idea of opensource toaster oven controller for many SMD soldering. yup there are many opensource
controllers but some are difficult to build or simply less info to build one yourself,i am really impressed
by arhi's soldering station controller almost similar to a oven controller but there is a need for a compact,opensource,specific,
easily hackable,easy to build like transistor tester project with minimal just an idea for someone to
build it,sorry guys i am not an geek but in serious hobby :-) just check the attached file n sorry for my english.
posting here in DP forums because i found oly site with serious electronics...

Below some suggested features:-

*all in one built around a case to protect against high voltages involved in input supply for oven.
*2*16 character lcd for temp readings.
*USB for datalogging and control from a pc.
*protected socket for oven power supply.
*no need to hack an oven just plug in power and install temperature sensor.
*opensouce software for soldering profile setting and temp monitoring.

if anyone interested can start a project around it..


Re: OSTOC(Open source toaster oven controller)

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I just received PCB's for something similar. Difference is that it doesn't have an LCD, but just USB for output.
I can dig up the schematics soon, don't have them right here at the moment. Probably by monday.

It has an PIC18F690, FT232 for USB communication, and a MAX6675 for reading the thermocouple. Terminal connectors for Power (selectable with a jumper to be USB or Ext 5V supply), for the Thermocouple, and for an SSR (from ebay, ~4 usd).
PCB measures about 4x4cm.

The firmware is as of yet non-existent. haven't started on it yet, but I have some knowledge of (PID) control so shouldn't be too hard. I'll have a look if the MCU has enough pins (and memory) left to drive a HD44780 LCD, because if it does that can easily be added.

Don't have a case, I was going to use double sided tape to attach the PCB to the SSR.

As for easy connection I was just going to strip a Euro-Cable, and attach that to the oven whenever I want to reflow something. As I'm not sure if the oven can ramp fast enough I wanted as little mods to the oven as possible. I'll probably need to drill a hole somewhere for the thermocouple, but that's ok.