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Wireless home energy monitor

I've had a prototype energy monitor running at home for some time, but I needed a another one to read a 2nd electricity meter.

So I took the opportunity to tweak the design and make my first SMD board. I've put some build notes and pictures on my web site, alog with links to the source code and schematic/pcb files.

Hope it's of interest to someone, I've got a few more projects I want to document this winter, so any feedback welcome ;)


Re: Wireless home energy monitor

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Hi Jon,

Very cool stuff!

Have you seen the openenergymonitor project?

They have hardware, but they also have open source software for logging/visualizing/etc on your own server (or use theirs). The web front-end is pretty slick and has lots of the neat javascript features you find at Pachube, but it's 100% open source and stays crunchy in milk ;)
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Re: Wireless home energy monitor

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Hi Ian,

Yeah, I like the look of the OpenEnergyMonitor project. Don't think it was around when I built the first monitor, but if I were starting from scratch now I'd certainly check it out.

I've got a handful of XBee projects around the house, all pinging data back to my central server for monitoring, alerting etc. My server-side scripts are nothing flash, but I'm aiming to get them up on my site at some point.


Re: Wireless home energy monitor

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interesting !

i have since maybe more than 4 years a commercial watts meter running in my electric panel, i find it pretty cool :-)
i found with time some stuff that could be better tho...
my device get it power from the main panel ... so if i got a low voltage spike i loose sometime 1 or 2 sec of data ...
no a problem in general,  but for me, i'm to curious and i want to see the entire spike ! 
so ... one day i will try to build one myself with a kind of power pack that will help recording spikes ...