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ENC424J600 breakout free PCB build

I managed to score a free PCB coupon a while ago, and I selected this board, as I've always wanted to get ethernet stuff working.

I plugged it in, and it managed to connect to W7 as an unidentified network, and all the lights work as they should.

I don't know how you guys assemble your boards to look so nice and consistant, but mine is hand soldered with some 0.8mm 60/40 solder, and a 2mm chisel tip.  I tried desoldering braid for the first time on this board, and it was an excellent investment!



Re: ENC424J600 breakout free PCB build

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Thanks for the update. Your board looks great too!
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Re: ENC424J600 breakout free PCB build

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I managed to get the Microchip TCP/IP stack working on my PIC18 explorer and this board.  I was blinking LEDs, uploading webpages, logging into an authenticated section...

Thank you for the breakout..!