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Bus Pirate V4 LCD HD44780

Hi, Is anybody working on getting LCD mode working on the Bus Pirate V4? As the V4 no longer requires the shift register due to the extra I/O's available.

Re: Bus Pirate V4 LCD HD44780

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There is an adapter for such a mode even, but I decided to stick with the shift register because 1. no new code to maintain, and 2. consistent documentation. I'd happily insert it though.
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Re: Bus Pirate V4 LCD HD44780

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I did have a look at the code in HD44780.c but I'm quite new to coding and the majority of it went over my head so I thought it best to ask if it was on anybody's to do list. I noticed some people mentioning that the BP v3 LCD Adapter works with the BPv4, but also that there were passive adapter designs for the v4. It just seems to make more sense to me to be able to use the Bus Pirate with minimal external accessories.