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Can I flash this bios chip ?

Hello everyone,

I recently failed my bios flash... On my 260$ motherboard. So FML.

But, I was thinking about flashing it :

it is a windond 25q32bv, you can get the datasheet here : Or not, i look like a spammer to the forum.. >.<

For reference my board is an Asus ROG Crosshair Formula V

Can I use the bus Pirate to do it ? I am a student in electrical engenieering but I'm kinda scared of braking it more, so if you have an alternative like "where the hell i can get a new official chip", it is welcomed.

And I have the backup of the original BIOS in a .rom file.

Thanks a lot !

Re: Can I flash this bios chip ?

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Hi xeolin,

You will probably get a reply here eventually, but you best bet is to ask over at They can help you out with your bios. The Bus Pirate can probably program it if flahsrom supports it.

Good luck!

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Re: Can I flash this bios chip ?

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Thanks for the advise :)