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Re: assembling code name Robert

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Same as the last (jan 3rd), except with a slightly more readable timestamp from the

Re: assembling code name Robert

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@ Ian, I have enough parts to accept the developers board now but there are none =D

Please PM me your address and I'll send one along. I think we have extras.
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Re: assembling code name Robert

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i just got back from the international auto show (rot as fun as maker faire)

ill try the newest newest files sometime this week.

[quote author="AndThen"]Understood, about the multiple revisions I read it before and I don't mean to interfere with your work flow of course. [/quote]
not a big deal, this is a complicated design (compared to other DP projects) i just don't want to have a super expensive prototype process. it is definitely an educational project for myself.

[quote author="AndThen"]There was also an issue with a crystal, there was never a conclusion for, too loose a specified tolerance or layout.[/quote]
i am using the default values from the atmel DK, the values for the pll filter are pretty critical. i could not get it to oscillate till a sample kit came from johansen dialectics.

[quote author="tayken"]I started assembling mine today. So one more board coming up for trials.[/quote]

[quote author="AndThen"]The EVK has the same issue, shutdown low on one vreg and enable low on the other. The part they use is Si1563EDH, it might be smaller than adding a PNP (which is the solution i went with), there is room for either.[/quote]
my solution is to run the 1v8 reg off the 3v3 switcher and only need one transistor for shutdown.

is someone fimilar with any 32bit sdram? i think traces can be shrunk by a mill or 2 and still meet seeed's requirements.

Re: assembling code name Robert

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There are some file name changes that i missed, in tcl_lib/dp1arm9-a
Code: [Select]
copy  applet-lowlevelinit-dp1arm9.bin   applet-lowlevelinit-dp1arm.bin
Code: [Select]
cp applet-lowlevelinit-dp1arm9.bin applet-lowlevelinit-dp1arm.bin

It might be safe to just duplicate all of them with and w/o the "9". I would guess I missed more than the one instance.

-- EDIT Added package

Re: assembling code name Robert

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The indicated section is bare copper to the eye, seems my flux residue is UV reactive..

This via appears to have created a bubble, and it was scratched off.