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Frankfurter Buchmesse (book fair) and Thermal Tweeter

Hi all,

on Thursday I visited the Frankfurter Buchmesse (a book fair in Frankfurt, Germany).
There was an extra building by the car manufacturer Audi which had lot of Audi stuff inside and a room for some antique things.

In the main room of this building there were a few cars standing around and an art installation.

The art installation is the mainly interesting thing:

For rows of 34 thermal printers each. All 136 thermal printers were printing - guess what - twitter messages.

It was impressive - an impressive waste of paper :)

The file IMG_20111013_142304.jpg shows the waste of paper on the second day - I don't know if they already removed some of the paper or not.

Just wanted to share those photos with you (sadly I only had my smartphone for photos and not much time).


Re: Frankfurter Buchmesse (book fair) and Thermal Tweeter

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i hope Ian gets some credit!

Re: Frankfurter Buchmesse (book fair) and Thermal Tweeter

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Very cool. I wonder what model of printer they use, and how easy it is to change the paper :) It would be funny if it was the same SparkFun printer.

I can't claim too much credit though, there are a host of twitter printing gadgets out there. I think we did it really well though using only embedded equipment instead of the easy way of using a PC to parse the feed and drive the devices ;)
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Re: Frankfurter Buchmesse (book fair) and Thermal Tweeter

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given the amount of printers, i assume they used a pc for the internet connection, and probably used some sort of serial network for all the printers.

or had a bunch of guys running around back stage switching wires to and from a single serial port.(its magic)