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Could it be possible?

Hi everyone here!!

It's nice to talk to you ;)

I have a question about one chip I am planning to use (I'm waiting for the pre-order 5) with the buspirate.

It is a M68HC12, and as you can see on this reference manual, it have a "Background Debug Mode" or BDM function that allows developers debug the application and read eeprom memory.

It uses a propietary 1 Wire protocol described on pages 293 and further on the manual, and I am asking myself (and you) if the buspirate will have enough speed to handle such protocol, taking in consideration that the clock of the target application is 8 or 16 Mhz. (Look pages 295,296&297 on reference manual). I wish to know that in order to wait for the buspirate or start findind a device programmer specific for that kind of chips.

That's all, thanks in advance for your kind support.

Best regards, beth.

Re: Could it be possible?

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I'd say probably not. The Bus Pirate is very limited by the USB->serial interface, it's primarily a user terminal and not a high-speed IO tool. It's possible the protocol could work with the Bus Pirate, but there's no existing support, you'd have to write it yourself. If you're going to that much trouble, you might as well use a chip with enough interface bandwidth to do it properly.
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Re: Could it be possible?

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Ummm, as soon as I get the buspirate on my hands I will try it, we don't have anything to loose, in the meantime I am going to prepare for it and I will keep you informed.

Thanks for your quick answer.

Regards, beth.