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Small AVR matrix toy

Here is a video about a small 8x8 red LED matrix badge thingo I built


It has not physical buttons so it increments the display glyph/sting when you cycle the power. the code is a slightly modified version of http://

Re: Small AVR matrix toy

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I like it, especially the tiny PCB :)

Re: Small AVR matrix toy

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Is it cascadable?

BTW nice build! hands up for the tiny pcb.

Re: Small AVR matrix toy

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Cool! Great work! Maybe in your next revision you could include IR comms - it would be nice if everyone in proximity had a similar glyph displayed....and then when you walk over to a new group, your glyph slowly changes. :-D

Anyway, regarding the visibility of the LEDs on a white background, a solution would be to cover the display in red cellophane paper. That will really make the LEDs stand out.


Re: Small AVR matrix toy

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[quote author="octal"]this project is a lot similar to this one: ... version-2/

Version 1 of it was: ... nners-kit/[/quote]

I actually saw this project in it's prototype stages, when it was just a simple LED badge. Also I got some inspiration when I saw this project ... ation.html 

Shows what can be achieved when using 12 8x8 displays.
I have received a few bicolour 8x8 3mm displays, Still playing around with them. I suppose eventually I want to have a relatively large LED marquee. I suppose we shall see how it develops over time. :D