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Using the IR Trans software

IR Trans has some nice devices (except for the price range)

The site states that the software is open source:

Would it be interesting to adapt this to the USB IR Toy
(change only PC<->USB part, keep rest of the interfaces unmodified?

Re: Using the IR Trans software

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I think the opensource architecture they mention is the LIRC server for communicating with home automation and mediaplayer software.

I do not think the firmware is open.

LIRC compatability is a good idea though.

Connecting as a HID device would be different to connecting to LIRC and perhaps better.


Re: Using the IR Trans software

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I downloaded the software and it contains also a 'IR Trans server' that can act as a webserver/TCP-IP socket.
If the communication to the USB (via serial / CDC) was adapted to the IR Toy, other stuff could be reused.