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Re: Hack your DSLR to shoot super zoom images

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i have an ancient konica fc-1 great piece of hardware despite being almost completely manual operation.

found i can turn standard 28mm lens into decent macro with addition of a 2x teleconverter.

too bad its a film eating beast.

Re: Hack your DSLR to shoot super zoom images

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Hi Arhi,

Using lenses in reverse for macro is old trick but not something I'd recommend easily. Major problem is that reverse adapters for dslr's are mostly shitty quality and can easily damage your camera.

Hehehe, is this the dangerous prototype forum or the stay-away-and-don't-touch-this-wire forum ;)

Agree reverse mounting might have a certain risk. My adapter is made out of aluminium and looks rather solid. More problematic is the fact that the lens might get off from the adapter in case you try to remove the lens+adapter from the body . You really have to mount and umount it by twisting the adapter only and not the lens itself.

If you have dslr you might want to get a zoom+macro lens

I have a Soligor 75-205mm + macro. Its a very old lens. Full manual (btw. for that reason I choose Nikon since they still work even with there 30 year old lenses. If you have someone in the family having 20+ year old Nikon lenses laying around unused... go and get yourself a Nikon ;) ).

The problem is that a real macro requires a rather large distance between the camera and the object. As you said about one meter in your case. That makes it by several magnitudes more sensitive to shaking.
On the contrast the 50 mm lens I used for the above pictures is only about 5cm long and the focal point is about 15-20cm from the camera centre. This allows to get close and make shoots without much care of shaking ... guess it also helps to get easier more light into the lens.


Re: Hack your DSLR to shoot super zoom images

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the close up filters, lower the focus distance, gf has a 35-105mm zoom, got it in the kit with the D90... with a +10 Diopter the camera can be places within a few cm from the subject ~10-20.
best regards FIlip.


Re: Hack your DSLR to shoot super zoom images

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I love to operate DSLR i bought nre and i want to take amazing photographs and for that im taking classes from you tube. it is the best source to learn any thing and if you got any problem you can join the forums thats cool i like it