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Re: GLCD Clock Project

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Thanks for the tip, after a bit of sleep and a fresh set of eyes, i found that i had put a dag of solder shorting the SDA and SLC lines,
A quick touch with the soldering iron and bamm, all good. it even had kept a time becuase the battery was still in it from last night.

IMG_7983 (2)


IMG_7984 (2)

the soldering is a bit messy but it works. now to make a mount for it. (and get a battery )

Also is there any chance of the code or the ability to swap the month and day. we run dd/mm/yy here so it would be good if i could change it or get it changed. oh and i dont believe the temp. it seems to change a bit. not long after i took the pic i reset it and now its sitting on 19.75.
otherwise ,
 i finally finished and get working one of the PCB's from here, my other couple of pcb's i couldnt get working .

ps, ian, does this count for the pcb code? :)

Re: GLCD Clock Project

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Hi Scorpia,

OK, your GLCD clock looks great!! I guess you had no trouble figuring out the programming menu?

I'm working on a new version of the firmware that adds a couple of useful features:

1. The ability to toggle between mm/dd/yy and dd/mm/yy formats
2. The ability to toggle between deg. C and deg. F
3. A temperature correction algorithm for the internal RTC temp sensor

I've also noticed that the temp. display tends to read high. I believe that this is due to internal heating in the RTC chip, and/or
elevated local temp. due to heating from nearby components. I've collected a lot of data on this temp. "offset", and I think I've got a pretty good handle on this, and I'm testing it now!




Re: GLCD Clock Project

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yeah, the menu was no issue. infact the menu was MUCH better than i expected. well done.

i do think that next time i would suggest a different LCD as almost every other GLCD like this that i have come across as a different pinout to this one. but it seems to be a standard.

either way. thanks for the board and if you get the 18f version finsied let me know.

Re: GLCD Clock Project

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HEllo i Like your project a lot. I am working on another project on GLCD, Need some help in coding.

I am writing a program which can take the analogue voltage reading and use adc to convert this signal into digital signal and display In terms of digital values. Initially I was using a digital lcd and displayed the above mentioned data on lcd. Now I need a program which can display the data in the form of a dial (gauge) on GLCD with a needle showing the change in voltage.
I am using

1.   PIC – C compiler
2.   18F452 micro controller
3.   HDM64GS12 GLCD with a KS0108 display controller. The HDM64GS12 is 128 by 64 pixels GLCD
4.   I have driver file “HDM64GS12.c”. This file contains drivers for using a Hantronix HDM64GS12 .
5.   I also have a graphics file named ”graphics.c”. It contains functions to draw lines, rectangles, bars, circles and text to a display

Re: GLCD Clock Project

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Which 'C' compiler are you using? If you happen to be using the CCS compiler then I can probably help! If not, I may be able to give you some general pointers anyway!

BTW, I did update my original GLCD clock, and I've had new boards here for a while, but I have not yet gotten around to playing with them! Too many projects, too little time :-)!