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MSPism: Nordic 2.4 + MSP/MSP mini battery board

I have done a quick new design: MSPism. Very simple.  (MSP + ISM radio).

The design is based on MSP430G2553 and the Nordic nRF24L01+.

Specifically it is designed to work tightly with this module from MDFly. The same module is also available on eBay from China directly.

The board has a headers spaced so that it  will be compatible with a Digi XBee radio in some applications. The board is slightly larger though to accommodate 0.1" headers outside the 2mm XBee socket headers.

The board has a CR1225 battery holder footprint on the back for sensor applications.

It also could be used as an MSP battery development board.

The MSP430G2553 has two hardware serial interfaces allowing for UART + I2C/SPI (or 2 SPI etc, but only 1 UART/Asynchronous interface). It has more memory than can be programmed with IAR Kickstart (what I use for MSP430 development).

The chip/board can be programmed using LaunchPad and there is a FTDI Basic/Basic UART header.

I plan to release MIT licensed firmware for use in communications as a UART bridge and sensor node. These may not appear until after Maker Fair (though I will likely use this board there).

It really is a simple board but perhaps a useful one!

You can see the PCB below.

Re: MSPism: Nordic 2.4 + MSP/MSP mini battery board

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Version 2 of this project has been put together and it is probably a better design over all than version one.

I got feedback from someone at teho Labs in the comments a few weeks ago before the PCB order went out, they found some neat duel fixed ultra low power regulators. I selected the 2.2/3.3 V option to save maximal power in the case of battery operation but still have 3.3 V levels for compatibility with external chips.

The new design is the width of a Xbee with 2mm headers that are pin compatible or NC. It also has 0.1" headers for breadboard use or socket use for new non-Xbee designs. Radio remains the cheap Nordic from eBay (~3 dollars each).

I view this as much better than Xbee as we have access to the guys to rewrite the firmware for custom use, though obviously there are no FCC certs for large scale applications.

Hopefully I will post more about this project soon. The only issue with the current PCB is if the 0.1" headers are placed face up they can be hard to use on one side as the radio board is a bit too long in that direction. This might result in some copper changes but functionally I think this is the final design.