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Using IR toy to control A/C


first I would like to say thanks for the very cool and reasonable price gadget!
Second, after using it successfully with winlirc to record and control my samsung tv, I tried using it for my air conditioner.
winlirc failed (in both regular and raw mode), so I tried the irtoy rec/play tool.
Using it I was able to record the ir signal (containing many bytes, probably because A/C remote sends the whole state on each button press), but replaying it didn't work.
I took a look on the binary files, and found out that even when I record the same button press (i.e. on/off button) and A/C state is exactly the same - I get different IR signal.
What can be the reason for it? Is it possible I'm using incorrect frequency? If so, how can I determine my A/C remote frequency?
Attached are 3 sample recordings (hex codes) of the on/off button.



Re: Using IR toy to control A/C

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I'm seeing same behavior on my Mitsubishi AC. Difference seems to be increasing one field by one, so I suspect that it's some kind of counter to prevent re-transmissions from confusing AC controller.

However, I CAN replay any of those packets (regardless if changing number in them) back to AC and they do work.