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Logic Shrimp USB firmware upgrade

Hi, I have a Logic Shrimp 1.0 from Seeedstudio. It's working fine as a logic analyzer, except that I can't cancel a capture. I'm trying to follow the firmware upgrade procedure here: ... e_upgrades

I've shorted the PGC and PGD pins on the header as in step 2 of the procedure, but the ACT LED doesn't go on when I plug it in.

The USB ID shown in Windows (7, 64-bit) device manager is VID_04D8&PID_FA95, but the PID in the LogicShrimpv1-firmware-v1.3.bat is FA96.

I tried this to read the bootloader version, with CMD running as Administrator:
Code: [Select]
fw_update -ver -vid 0x04D8 -pid 0xFA95
fw_update Version: 0.2.0
U2IO BootLoader Version reading: FAILED.
Device is not found.
Operation aborted.

Any suggestions to get this upgraded please? Thanks.

Re: Logic Shrimp USB firmware upgrade

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for the report, I'm sorry about the problem with the Logic Shrimp.

This makes me pretty nervous, it would suck if we shipped a batch without bootloaders. I verified that the bootloader is included in the production firmware dump, and as far as I know Seeed never had another firmware, so I'm hoping it's still in there.

You are correct. In bootloader mode with PGC and PGD connected (closest pins to C1) ACT should light and it should connect as a USB HID device with ID FA96. Are you able to use it as a logic analyzer even if the pins are connected?

Can you please inspect the board, make sure the traces to PGC and PGD are well connected. Barring that, I'm not sure what to do. I'd be happy to reflash it for you. I will contact Seeed now for a check on production units.

The unable to cancel problem is still a bug in firmware v1.3. We'll port the firmware to an open source USB stack soon and it will eliminate the problem because of the difference in architecture.
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Re: Logic Shrimp USB firmware upgrade

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Sorry, I was shorting the wrong pins. The procedure says "the two pins opposite the white triangle on the ICSP header" and I took this to mean the pins closest to R4 because they are "opposite" the white triangle, which seems stupid of me in hindsight, but there you go. :) If you said "at the opposite end of the ICSP header to the white triangle, closest to C1" it would be clearer.

With the correct pins shorted it's now enumerating as a new USB input device with VID_04D8 and PID_FA96, but it's getting a "Device cannot start (Code 10)" error in Windows device manager. I'll try it on another machine when I get a chance and report back.

Re: Logic Shrimp USB firmware upgrade

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Wooh! That is a load off :) Seeed also validated new Logic Shrimps and found them to have the bootloader and work properly, so I think we can rule out missing bootloader.

I'm sorry about the unclear instructions. I uploaded an annotated picture to the upgrade page that shows what pins to jumper. The silk layer should have been clearly marked.

Please let me know how it goes on the other computer.
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Re: Logic Shrimp USB firmware upgrade

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Sorry to cause a panic! The picture on the upgrade procedure helps though should probably say "PGC-PGD" , not "PGC-PGC". :)

The USB device problem was caused by connecting it through a powered hub, when it was connected to a motherboard USB connector it worked fine and the upgrade went smoothly.