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BusPirate interfacing MMA8453Q


We were trying to work out the new Accelerometer MMA8453Q which is a I2C based 10 bit accelerometer.
Buspirate helped us to debug the issues and also talk to the MMA8453Q chip.

Here are the Post Details:

We would like to Thank Dangerous Prototypes for Creating such a nice Debugging tool.

Warm Regards,

Re: BusPirate interfacing MMA8453Q

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Nice work on the dead-bug soldering. That is impressive. I'm glad the Bus Pirate could help :)
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Re: BusPirate interfacing MMA8453Q

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Impresive soldering indeed! I actually used the BP for the exact same chip, but had some PCB's made for the board. Still wasn't easy to solder considering I only had a regular iron at my disposal, but I still managed to get them on quite nicely. I extended the pads to the outside of the package, tinned the pads on both the package as the PCB, and soldered them on with a lot of flux.
Great chip by the way, I've got a couple of units left,so I'll definitely be doing something cool with them!